Dynasty Addons

Quick Heads Up Everyone!

Just spoke to the guys from Dynasty Addons about what they have coming up for Warlords of Draenor.

Here’s what they had to say…

“We’re coming out with new versions of all of our addons with new features, new interface, pretty much new code from top to bottom!”

Short and sweet but exciting stuff

30.11.14 All addons have been updated for Warlords of Draenor

Check out Tycoon Gold Addon Here!

Check out Booster Leveling Addon Here!

Check out Impulse Keybind and Macros Addon Here!

Check out Edge Addon Here!


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Timeless Coins – Patch 5.4

Timeless Coins They Are a Changing


The cat was just sprung out of the bag on a major change with the next patch.   You remember those Timeless Coins that you have a couple of hundred thousand of extras?   No one wants to buy your Harmonious Porcupette from the AH.    So your stockpile of coins is sitting there just wasting away.

With the next patch (5.4.8) our best Timeless Coin merchant, Mistweaver AI is about to unleash a new coin.   The Coin of Valor will cost 3000 Timeless Coins (what it costs on the PTR currently) and will give you 100 Valor Points.   Valor points can be used for multiple items including upgrading any gear that you currently have,  future gear upgrades and some BOE valor items found on the different vendors in Stormwind/Orgrimmar.

But before you rush out and buy all of those BOE gear to drop on the AH.  With the next patch you will be able to upgrade all of your items another 2 levels (4 upgrade levels total).   This includes those Bind On Account gear from smacking Garrosh around.   This should put a lot of players into being able to accomplish more with their raiding SOO.   The more equipment players are able to obtain, the more chances to purchase your enchants and enhancement items from the Auction House.

There is also a chance that this will impact the Blacksmithing and Leatherworking crafting items.  Leatherworking and Blacksmithing have belts for healing,  casting dps and melee/ranged dps.  Beets are particularly annoying to have dropped in SOO.  So to complete a powerhouse set players are going to be looking for these items at a reasonable price from the Auction House.

Most changes in the economy and sales of coins/valor points have a rippling effect across a server economy.  So watch for trends in the gear and item enhancement market and be ready to spring into action to ride the wave.

This is all on the PTR could be changed pretty quickly.  Especially the cost of the Coin of Valor.  3000 coins are very easy to farm from the island (kill two elites on the island and your netting 2 to 3k coins) so I won’t be surprised if this raises a little higher.  Either way this will be an excellent way to drop your timeless coins into something profitable and useful.

Automate Your Gold Making

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Sporeggar Gold Guide

How To Make 1500+ Gold in 10 mins!

You will need to be exalted with Sporeggar, Which only takes a couple of hours. For help on getting exalted check out this video: Sporeggar Rep Guide

Here’s How To Increase Your Gold Making By 350% per Hour!

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Sporeggar Rep Guide

Sporeggar Reputation Guide


Sporeggar Gold Guide

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WoW – Warlords of Draenor

World of Warcraft – Warlords of Draenor


It is pretty much a guarantee that the star of the show both live and on PPV was the unveiling of the new Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor.

Along with all of the other games that were there to tease players into coming back to Blizzard:  World of Warcraft is still the lynchpin of the Blizzard Empire.

There was so much to offer that any gold goblin had their heads spinning around and around.  New mounts,  New UI,  Boosting one character instantly to 90 (someone wants to teach the newbie how to tank?).  But the big one that got my mind a wandering was the introduction to personal housing.  This will end up being the major gold sink in WOD (O great,  another acronym).

All of the other information was shock and awe when it came to the new areas.  With the entire group going back through the Dark Portal and traveling through time (woohoo!!!!) it will be interesting just how they counterbalance a savage land with the requirements that players have gotten used to.  Remember how annoying it was to be in Shattrath and having to port to your home city just to post up auctions?

Speaking of Shattrath we get to see how it was when the Draenei were in charge.  Showing videos and artist sketches gave the depth and even the sorrow of how the city became lost during the War.

Time travel is going to end up getting a lot of grumpy mcgrumpers calling for the death of World of Warcraft. Mostly because many players just like to hear themselves complain.  But if they can pull off the wonderful scenery that was Mists of Pandaria and the epic storyline contained in the expansion pack the majority of players will be happy.

So keep those money engines a roaring for the next 3-4 months and start stacking away the coin.  Your new housing unit is waiting for you to build it.

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Sky Golems

Nobody Knows the Golems I Have Sold

Last week the first of the Sky Golems rolled off the engineering production line.   Lets grind out the numbers from the undermine journal to see where we are at:

(Numbers from horde side of the undermine journal)
(I’m using horde side numbers but alliance side will be similar in this case)

Average sales (horde side) 106062g
Market Price (Shandris server) 65,000g

Think of that Average sale as the everything clicks just right and the right buyer gets an itchy finger absolutely wanting that winged wonder for their collection.

Later, looking through the numbers you can see

678 available (horde side)

This is across all of the severs.  So there is a generous amount of these available (there is not a way to be able to tell whether these are flips or actually crafted by engineers.  Let’s assume 10% of these are flipped and the rest was crafted).

So you have 30 days minimum between crafting of these per engineer.  The biggest question is should they be sold now or later?

Also don’t forget to add that there are two pets (Pierre and Rascal Bot) which require half the materials to create.   These two items are going to affect posted sales for the Sky Golems being crafted.

But for what has a cool factor of 10 and everyone was drooling over since it was rumored.  Why are these not falling off the shelves in droves?   I would propose that the majority of players who want them cannot afford them.

Follow my train of thought here.  Most players have not the wealth that the upper echelon of gold makers have.  They stumble their way around playing wow,  scraping up enough to pay for a few odds and ends.  Even with the gold pinata that is Timeless isle the majority of players are living paycheck to paycheck to borrow a phrase.

We have an example of this with the Mechano-hog sales that occurred during the Lich King expansion.  For an item that had a minimum crafting cost of between 12-14k there were players that assumed these were easy to craft.  So they would bid 10k.. 9k  even to the point of people arguing they should be only worth 5k in gold.  So now you have an item that costs 3 times the amount of gold just from the start to craft and add a minimum amount of time per each production.  Players do not have the gold to be able to meet the minimum bar needed to purchase.

I have personally flipped two of these for a nice profit and purchased one for myself.  Basically with the profit I made from the two flips I was able to purchase the third one.   But why would I purchase these instead of crafting them myself (I have two engineers that have the pattern and have enough of the materials to craft it by themselves).   Because in the short term the players that had enough money to buy them also had engineers of their own.  So the first one that was produced went into their own collection.  They didn’t need it so they weren’t buying them from the Auction House.

Obviously the undermine journal says that there are sales for the Sky Golems.  So the money is out there.  But don’t be disappointed if your Golems aren’t rolling off the shelves.   These are high return items and shouldn’t be discounted because you want your profit now.  All that practice from flipping gems and gear will look like chump change when you get into this high cost bracket.  People will start to discount their Golems for a quick profit.  But I am still occasionally selling one of my Mechano-hogs (and have kept the materials on hand) even through two expansions.  10,000g profit now vs 50,000g profit later becomes a no brainer.

So as your flying in your new toy (and it is a blast) keep your head above the water and know your not alone in looking for the next golem sale.  It will happen and you will enjoy rolling around in the gold.

Good Luck and Good Hunting


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Patch 5.4 – Golden Lotus Beatdown

When starting Mists of Pandaria the biggest grind was obtaining revered with the Golden Lotus faction.  It was a long grind of finishing dailies.  After finishing the first set if you had a high enough reputation you could go to the next set.  Ultimately reaching revered and unlocking other quest hubs for Shado-pan and August Cestials.

Patch 5.3 unlocked the necessity to have revered reputation with Golden Lotus to have access to new quest areas.   With 5.4 the Vale of Eternal Blossoms gets a complete remake.   Assuming you call a place that looks like it was blown up with an atom bomb a remake.

The Golden Lotus after patch 5.4 is going to be an old school’s reputation beat down.   Elite mobs giving you 200 reputation.  Lesser mobs only give you 5 rep per kill.   But fear not for there are a lot of mobs to kill in the area.

You also have access to the daily farmer order if you have leveled your farm high enough to have access.   Also there are random mobs that drop tokens that will give you rep.  Don’t forget to also pick up your Grand Commendation of the Golden Lotus to increase your reputation grinding.

But don’t forget to try your hardest to hit exalted before patch 5.4.   The achievement http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=7315/eternally-in-the-vale will not be available after patch 5.4 drops.  And many players are already going to be farming this area for the new Profession patterns.  So there will be a lot of players running around this area killing things that it might become frustrating to get that last couple of mobs to become awesome with The GL Corps (yes,  I said it.).

The patterns are even useful for selling to alternates as well as personal use.  Also remember that with patch 5.4 much of the gear that was available for valor points will now be sold for Justice Points.  This will put a huge boost on newly minted 90 players getting them into raiding that much faster.

Lots of exciting changes are just around the corner with patch 5.4.  Now is the time to push through the boredom and get your lineup set for the last phase of Mists of Pandaria.  Working smarter and not harder is the key to being the best gold goblin you can be.

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Patch 5.4 Preparation

If the powers that be keep up their normal schedule,  We should be getting what could be the last patch to Mists of Pandaria in the next month or so.  Currently they are testing the new Raids (finally get to boot up Garrash’s ample posterior).

Keeping an eye on the market and the changes have always kept gold goblins ahead of the curve.  Patch 5.4 should bring some interesting boosts in the economy for a short term.  That means getting your gear together,  your valor points maxxed and items in the bank ready to sell from the start.

The odds are that this will be the last patch before the introduction of a new expansion.  If you have been running instances even during patch 5.3 you’ve probably noticed a speed increase in completing them.   Unless you end up having a completely new level 90 geared players,  the tank and healing combo can blow through most of the instances between 20 minutes.   The benefit of this will allow players to get their new ALT toons that much quicker into high level raiding.

There has already been a slowdown on many servers for materials on the AH.  The ebb and flow of farmers and investors has kept the prices higher than normal.  Every so often you can find a pretty good deal on Gold Iron Bars (or ore) which can add to your profit margin.  Now is that a good idea to start your craft one/put materials away for a later technique that has been used many times for future profits.

The other thing to use is your lineup.   Setting your profit goals for your first week in the new patch,  your first month and even to the introduction of the next expansion will give you a base for your future professions. Do you want to make 10,000g a first week,  25,000g a first month or whatever your goals are.   Setting your goals now and expectations will guide you on what to invest in materials and time.

Time becomes your most important commodity with the next patch.   The idea is that you have to spend time to make gold changes.  You need to spend time wisely to make gold.

Keep this in mind in the next few weeks while you’re preparing for the next patch.

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The Value of Materials

Any Gold Goblin worth their salt will tell you they like having assets.   With man speak this is translated to ‘I like having stuff’.   The entire goal of our gold goblining (is that a word?) adventure is to make more gold than we really and truly need.

But lost in the translation many times is the advantage of not just having liquid assets but material assets as well.  I am a self professed packrat.  Rarely do I just toss something away.  Even venturing the limitless amount of food that is available from drops and quest rewards.  If it won’t sell on the Auction House for a pretty penny it can sell to the goblin vendor I have to lug around on my might might yak of doom.

Material assets are also very valuable when it comes to bartering.    There are those times that no matter how much gold you have,  the item you want isn’t available on the Auction House.   And no matter how much gold you throw out there,  the item isn’t for sale.   This might seem strange because who would turn down a cubic ton of gold thrown at their feet.   But the value of anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

The key to bartering is to not just add items but also add services.  With a Blacksmith I can craft the entire PVP set for someone.  At some point gold becomes relatively meaningless.  But if I can trade for raw materials I can make more than the value that the item would be for just straight gold.  Ore and rarer herbs is especially useful for this idea.   2500g is a nice profit.  But give me 50 stacks of Ghost Iron Ore and I can make much more than 1000g in profit.

Also add to the idea that creative bartering can be enjoyable all by itself.  It’s easy to craft,  place on the AH and then pick up your profits the next day.  At the beginning the numbers are exciting as they tick into your coffers.  But later making gold becomes a chore.  Bartering can sharpen your wits and your abilities to enjoy making gold once again.

So the next time you talk to a player about crafting an item,  quote them a price in materials instead of gold.  You will be surprised at just how valuable your materials can be.

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